A partnership for success

Expand into the global market.

Expanding your business with MAYONIANPAY opens up doors you never thought imaginable. With us you’ll tap into new markets and increase your market outreach.

Access to marketing opportunities.

It would be our honor and pleasure to work with your prestigious company in marketing your products to a wider customer base. by partnering with MayonianPay, we will ensure a significant expansion of your returns and growth in business.

Comprehensive technical support.

Get fast, customized support that helps you prosper whether you’re a newbie or an affiliate marketing veteran. We have advanced API calls, a suite of high converting tools and real time reporting that put our platform above the competition.

How MayonianPay helps your clients.

Secure solutions for international payments.

MayonianPay helps your clients to deliver a progressive & agile payments system. We offer digitized payment process online in a more secure and safe solutions when you transact with us.

Customer trust that improves sales.

With our outstanding e-commerce payment solution for everyone, our platform has been trusted and preferred by customers around the globe. Clients who integrate MayonianPay report a 45% surge in their conversion rate.

24/7 security and protection.

in partnership with MayonianPay we enable two step verification to keep our clients safe and secure from fraud. Our clients and partners will use an SSL encryption to make sure that all transactions are safe and protected 24/7.

Powering payments for partners around the world.

Our partners create innovative platforms for merchants that trust PayPal to process their payments.

Frequently asked questions.

What is the MayonianPay affiliate Program?
The MayonianPay affiliate Program is a free membership program available to eligible business solution providers that enable MayonianPay as a payment method for their merchants. It’s designed to strengthen our relationship with you by opening your business up to more merchants that trust MayonianPay and providing marketing benefits to you.
How would being a MayonianPay affiliate benefit my business?
MayonianPay protects both the seller and the buyer. MayonianPay does not directly releases the money to the seller but works as a middle man and deposits the money in an official MayonianPay account until the customer confirms their satisfaction with the product.
What types of organisations are MayonianPay affiliate?
MayonianPay is an affiliate of the Chinese E-Commerce group Alipay and WeChat Pay
Am I eligible to be a MayonianPay affiliate?
To be able to become a MayonianPay affiliate we will verify your identity, including during account creation and validate your eligibility as a User of MayonianPay Services.
Will MayonianPay provide integration support?
Before the integration, you must contact MayonianPay Business developer to complete the required business steps and get connected with the Technical Support Team. MayonianPay Technical Support Team can assist you in integration designing, implementing and acceptance.
I do business outside South East Asia too. Do I need to join the affiliate Program in each country?
MayonianPay is a one time registration and lifetime membership, if you already have an account you wont be needing to sign up again, you just have to remember your login details in order to access your account wherever you are.


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