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As a global payment solution, we bring buyers and sellers together. Removing unnecessary steps and cost. Just Click the right payment method based on your selected gateway.

Barcode Payment

The merchant scans customer's Alipay barcode or QR code to collect
Collect money quickly
Convenient account management
Duty-free stores | Convenience stores | Shopping malls | Chain stores

Merchant QR Code Payment

The customer scans the merchant's QR code to pay

No access costs
Easy set-up
Snack stands | Grocery stores | Other service sectors

Transaction QR Code Payment

The customer scans the merchant's order QR code to pay
Collect money quickly
Convenient account management
Vending machines | Ticket vending machines | Taxis

Third-party Merchant QR Code payment

The customer scans the merchant's QR code to pay

Low access costs
Easy manage
Food & beverage industry | Other industries

Experience MayonianPay Payments

We’ve simplified the payment process into a fast, safe and easy whether you shop or sell online. Get more solutions for your business, more support when you need it and more strength to stand on anytime, anywhere.

Integrated Payment

After an initial agreement and verification process, billing customers becomes seamless by charging a stored card. No need for further customer information or verification.

Simplified Solutions

Various solutions made possible through the use of tokenization:

App payments Automatic account top-ups Single click checkout

Card Management

Card about to expire? No problem, MayonianPay puts the customer in control of their card details and will handle the hassle of getting the information updated. A seamless experience for both you and your customers.

API Access

Stay on top of billing tasks via the recurring billing API. Update, pause, cancel and view subscription information, all available through the API or from the MayonianPay dashboard.

Secure Card Vault

Offer faster checkout with tokenized card storage. MayonianPay is a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider so you can be assured of peace of mind with our top notch security.


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Trust makes it simple. Experienced fast, easy and safe online payments. MayonianPay is a third-party online payment platform, considered as one of the best online payment service organization in the world.

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